Mike brings an interesting background to his photography. A fine arts major at Holy Cross College, he expected to pursue a career in something creative, very likely making pictures. But before he settled in here, he did a few other things first. Right after college Mike moved to Sante Fe to teach at a Native American school where he was introduced to beauty of the Southwest, its culture and its very rich art world. After this, he jumped into politics to work on the exciting, non-stop but unsuccessful Presidential campaign for Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NB). He returned to Boston to settle into a creative field--advertising--but sat on the account and strategy side. Mike spent 12 years at agencies big and small working with clients like Reebok, Titleist, Foot-Joy, McDonald's, Red Hook Brewery, and the Massachusetts State Lottery. In the agency world, he learned the importance of establishing a clear brand strategy and the value it brought to the creative execution. In the account chair, he prided himself on building strong client relationships and working well with creatives. Mike combined his life experiences, advertising skills, and creativity to pursue his photography. He concentrates on photographing people and places, working with corporate, commercial, editorial, and non-profit clients. He pursues assignments that offer opportunity and allow him to make an impact. Mike takes pride in his strong client relations and his ability to collaborate effectively to make work which is often described as warm, approachable and real.